Board Express is an upgrading, finishing and component manufacturing company based in Marburg, Port Shepstone, KwaZulu Natal.

Board Express takes humble materials like particleboard (chipboard) or melamine; treat it with our processes to upgrade it in a unique, quality product in order to add value.

We enhance boards and doors with foil laminates, vinyl wrap design or 3D designed patterns. At the end of the treatment, we achieve a product which is very similar to first quality wood, but is more affordable.

We supply our customers with unique products for furniture manufacturing, interior decorating, shop fitting, kitchen manufacturing etc. to suit everyone’s taste and preference.

We operate in many different industries to confirm a broad purpose of our products. We are a leader in the refurbishing of boards, panels and doors and pride ourselves that we are the leading manufacturer that offers customisation of our products to produce a high quality end product for our valuable customers.

What is Particleboard?

It is a reconstituted wood panel product manufactured from wood particles. It can also be manufactured using wood flakes or strands. A mat of individual wood particles is coated in adhesive resin and pressed together into a finished panel. As the wood fibres in the particles are randomly oriented, the finished panel has uniform properties in each direction.

Particleboard is used for different internal applications, which is dependent on the grading of the material. Common applications include office furniture, kitchen units and cupboards.

Our Product Range

Besides the manufacturing of our own range of products, we also supply brands like Sonae Industria, PG Bison, NovaWood, Masonite, Formica etc. to offer our customers the best options available to suit  their individual needs and at affordable prices.

Cabinet Vision

Board Express manufactures the following:

Foil Boards
• PVC (Vacuum Formed Doors)
• Post Form Tops

• Furniture Components
• We can custom make to your requirements
• All furniture is manufactured by utilising Cabinet Vision Software

Proud Suppliers of:

PG BISON                  Sonae Novobord